Belchim showcases new products at Cereals 2017

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Leading agrochemical manufacturer Belchim Crop Protection is inviting farmers to come onto stand number 610 at this year’s Cereals event to enter a competition to win a Samsung 10” Tablet and to leave the stand armed with the knowledge of additional tools to increase crop yield.     

Visitors to stand 610 will have access to the company’s technical experts who will be on hand to discuss its expanding portfolio and provide solutions to a wide range of technical issues.  

“As active ingredients continue to come under regulatory threat we are aiming to redress the balance and 2017 will be another important year for both Belchim and growers alike” says Belchim’s Development and Marketing Manager, Simon Leak. “This year we are launching a new post-emergence maize herbicide that picks up some of the key problem weeds and adds robustness to the herbicide programme.  Added to that, with potential herbicide active ingredient losses in potatoes, starting with linuron, now confirmed for final use up by June 3rd 2018, Belchim are putting the full force of its technical expertise in this crop behind a number of very recent introductions.  Gozai is a broad spectrum contact herbicide and potato desiccant and Praxim is a pre-emergent residual herbicide with no varietal or soil type restrictions.”

The crop plots on Belchim’s stand will show these herbicides and other portfolio products in action to facilitate discussions on how best to incorporate them into your individual crop protection programme. 

Our focus is on you, so come and see us on stand 610 for refreshments and a chat.

Belchim Crop Protection to acquire Engage Agro USA LLC

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Belgian company Belchim Crop Protection (Londerzeel) has agreed to acquire the American agrochemical company Engage Agro USA, LLC (based in Prescott, Arizona). The transaction is expected to be closed in the coming days. In December 2016, Belchim already obtained a majority stake of 60% in Engage Agro Corporation, based in Guelph, Ontario (Canada), which established a direct presence for Belchim in the North American crop protection market. The buyout of Engage Agro USA provides a ready-made platform to expand access to USA markets for Belchim’s innovative agrochemical and bio-based product portfolio.


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Major Shareholder Announcement regarding Engage Agro Corporation

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Belchim Crop Protection NV, situated in Londerzeel, Belgium is the new majority shareholder in the Canadian company, Engage Agro Corporation, based in Ontario. This transaction gives Belchim the controlling majority stake of 60% in Engage Agro.




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Mitsui Chemicals Agro, Inc. acquires 10% stake in Belchim Crop Protection NV

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Mitsui Chemicals Agro, Inc. (MCAG) has acquired a 10% shareholding position in Belchim Crop Protection NV. The two companies agreed on a business collaboration. This collaboration and shareholding will reinforce the relationship with MCAG and drive further success for both companies by accelerating the development of products in the market as well as introducing new products into the market.










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CropTec 2016

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Belchim Crop Protection attended the annual CropTec 2 day event on 29 – 30 November at the East of England Showground.  Over 4000 people from the Agrochemical and seed trade, growers, both independent and distribution agronomists, government institutes and associated businesses visited the event.  Belchim sponsored the Crop Protection seminar which was held on both days with presentations from a range of speakers, including Simon Leak, followed by a ‘crop protection post Brexit’ panel debate.  Both were very well received and audience participation in the debate was particularly lively.

Our stand had a constant flow of both growers and agronomists over the two days, and our expert Technical Team were on hand to discuss the Belchim product portfolio and listen to current market needs.  This is a keystone of our business and ensures we are placed to offer a high level of technical support to our customers.

Potato Guide

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for a free hard copy of the foliar and tuber guides email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your delivery address

New rules regarding parallel imports from 1st April 2016

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•Parallel product must be the  original product
•Same colour, density, granular size & shape
•Parallel label MUST show source product batch numbers and manufacture date
•Parallel  label  must show where and who has re-packaged product if not in the source packaging

New Era for Amenity Vegetation weed management

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Agrochemical manufacturer Belchim Crop Protection are delighted to confirm the addition of an amenity vegetation (around) recommendation to the Chikara label. The same label recommendation is expected to come through the regulatory system shortly for Katana.

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Potato Growers Gain New Blight Fungicide

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Potato growers are set to benefit from the addition of another new product to Belchim’s potato range, this time it is a new fungicide combination which offers effective control of both foliar and tuber blight via a combination of two well established active ingredients.

Kunshi has now been approved by the Chemical Regulations Directorate and contains the active ingredients cymoxanil and fluazinam explains Belchim Marketing and Development Country Manager Simon Leak.

 “Kunshi is available as an easy to use water dispersible granule (WG) formulation and has a use pattern of 8 applications with intervals of 7 days between sprays and a harvest interval of 7 days. It is an interesting combination of a curative compound and a multi-site fungicide in a ratio that delivers a high dose of cymoxanil at full rate (125 gai/ha) and 188 gai/ha of fluazinam.  Kunshi will offer growers rate flexibility in many different blight pressure scenarios as either a stand-alone product or when mixed with other blight products”

“From our trial results we also found a positive side effect on the control of sclerotinia.  The maximum label dose rate is 0.5 Kg/ha”


For further information please contact Simon Leak This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or visit

Kunshi® is a registered trademark of Ishihara Sangyo Kaisha, Japan

Belchim strengthens their Potato portfolio with new herbicide

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Praxim, a new herbicide for use in potatoes has now gained approval from the Chemicals Regulations Directorate from January 2015.  Praxim contains the new residual active ingredient metobromuron which although previously registered in Europe was not supported through the re-registration process and was subsequently revoked.  Belchim took the decision to develop the molecule in 2008 and have since committed significant time, expertise and financial resources to bring the data package up to the current regulatory standards in both Europe and the UK.

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