Katoun Gold

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Belchim Crop Protection has significant experience in the industrial and amenity markets, particularly in the weed control sector via the market leading broad-spectrum residual active ingredient flazasulfuron, sold as Chikara® Weed Control and Katana®.

A new offering from Belchim in the amenity market is Katoun® Gold containing 500g/L pelargonic acid. (MAPP No 17879) for use as a non-selective contact herbicide for use on amenity vegetation (bare soil around trees and woody shrubs), natural surfaces not intended to bear vegetation and permeable surfaces overlying soil including gravel pathways, forest nursery and hardy ornamental plant production.

Katoun® Gold is a very pure natural product produced from a plant origin. It also has a low rate of use (22.5L/ha) and may be applied 4 times in a season. Another benefit of this active is the low water rate of 225L/ha delivering a high work rate with a knapsack sprayer.

Katoun® Gold gives users a much needed additional option in a market where there are a limited number of alternatives available, particularly in more sensitive areas.

Katoun® Gold is a contact acting product that rapidly breaks down the plant cuticle wax layer leading to loss of water by evaporation. Visible symptoms are evident after only a few hours with complete control of smaller weeds after a few days.

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