The Evolution of Belchim

Belchim Crop Protection

Belchim Crop Protection is a Belgian manufacturer and supplier to the European crop protection market. From its origin in Belgium to its position as a major European player in the crop protection industry today, Belchim Crop Protection has shown remarkable growth.. As a company and an innovative product supplier, it has adapted well to the changes in the industry and the changing regulatory environment. Late Managing Director Dirk Putteman founded Belchim in 1987. By the late 1990s he sought and found a strategic partnership with ISK Biosciences and established an international research and development company. This alliance allowed not only a more specialized product portfolio, but also further expansion into Europe. An innovative product portfolio, credibility and reputation are strong assets of Belchim Crop Protection; and above all, the ability to market a product from a strong introduction to a good market coverage in a short time.

Our Development. Your Growth.

  • Bringing innovation to the market
  • Providing valuable & accurate information
  • Highly knowledgeable team of employees
  • Listening & responsive to customers

  • Near to farmers, advisors & distributors and processors

Belchim Crop Protection, managed by CEO Mark Waltham, carries a broad range of state-of-the-art crop protection products but also products for amenity use. The recent acquisition of the biological herbicide ‘Katoun Gold’ is a good example of the commitment to sustainable product development. The product is a natural product and is used as an environmentally friendly solution for weed management in public spaces.

Solution orientated

Our company is solution oriented:

Belchim is a solution provider for arable crops, but also smaller crops & niche markets

Close collaboration with Japanese innovators & suppliers

Treatment programs through product combination


Our products are innovative:

5 unique molecules

Innovative products with outstanding profiles (efficacy and environmental)

Ready for present & future regulations on a global scale


Our team has the know-how:

Always present in the field

High level of technical support

Focus on development & registration in line with market needs

“We service the agricultural world with high quality and innovative products and the best advice on their use.”

Our Vision

“Be the best market access for crop protection products in Europe and North America, creating optimum value.”

Our Mission

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With a crop-oriented approach, BELCHIM is very close to the growers and develops SOLUTIONS responding to the needs of the market

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