New Biofungicide Vintec® for Woody Diseases in Vines

Vine growers can now use a specific biofungicide on their vines to control Esca woody diseases. The new biofungicide contains a strain of fungus which has evolved and adapted to living and protecting woody species, like vines, from attack from pathogenic diseases. Growers can now spray Vintec soon after pruning to protect the open wounds from attacking pathogens. At present this is the only product approved for such use in the UK. Overseas growers have been successfully using Vintec on their vines for some years.

Now organic registered vine growers can access Vintec. Two organic organisations in the UK have provided full approved accreditation for the use of Vintec on registered organic crops. This is an excellent opportunity for the vine industry. The OF&G organic certificate can be seen at

Vintec contains Trichoderma atroviride strain SCI which is a true endophyte and has shown activity on the following woody diseases: Phaeomoniella chlamydospore and Togninia minima. Collectively these diseases are called Esca woody diseases. One of the main benefits of using a woody species endophyte is that the biofungicidal effect can last the whole season. Conventional fungicides can only provide protection for a few weeks.

More information on Vintec can be found at

Esca disease in vines

Pruning wound ready for treatment with Vintec®

Vintec® contains Trichoderma atroviride strain SC1 and is a registered trademark of Bi-PA NV/SA.

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