Acorix 70 WG

Acorix 70 WG Active Ingredient(s): 700 g/kg metribuzin (70% w/w) Formulation: Water dispersible Pack Size: 1 kg MAPP No.: 18755 A residual herbicide for control of weeds in potatoes. A water dispersible granule formulation containing 700 g/kg metribuzin (70% w/w) MSDS Label


Metric Active Ingredient(s): 60g/L clomazone and 233g/L metribuzin Formulation: ZC formulation Pack Size: 5 L MAPP No.: 14214 A ZC formulation based on a mixture of a capsule suspension (CS) and suspension concentrate (SC) containing 60g/L clomazone and 233g/L metribuzin for pre-emergence control of annual meadow grass and broad-leaved weeds in potatoes. [...]

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