Shirudo Active Ingredient(s): 20% w/w tebufenpyrad Formulation: Wettable powder Pack Size: 100g MAPP No.: 19575 An acaricide for the control of mites in fruit. A wettable powder containing 20% w/w tebufenpyrad. MSDS Label

Markate 50

Markate 50 Active Ingredient(s): 50 g/L (5.5% w/w) lambda-cyhalothrin Formulation: Emulsifiable concentrate Pack Size: 250 mL - 1 L MAPP No.: 13529 An insecticide for use on barley, wheat, rye, oats, durum wheat, triticale, oilseed rape, field beans, combining pea, edible podded pea, vining pea, sugar beet, potato, lettuce and pear. An emulsifiable concentrate [...]


Atilla Active Ingredient(s): 85% w/w (850 g/kg) potassium hydrogen carbonate Formulation: Water soluble powder Pack Size: 5 - 25 kg MAPP No.: 16026 An insecticide for the reduction of pear suckers in pear orchards. A water soluble powder containing 85% w/w (850 g/kg) potassium hydrogen carbonate. MSDS Label Certificate [...]

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