Coupon Active Ingredient(s): 480 g/L (40%w/w) ethephon (2-chloroethylphosphonic acid) Formulation: Emulsifiable concentrate (EC) Pack Size: 5 L MAPP No.: 19123 A growth regulator for use in winter and spring varieties of barley and winter varieties of wheat, triticale and rye. MSDS Label


Enclean Active Ingredient(s): 500 g/L (51.92% w/w) nonanoic acid Formulation: Emulsifiable concentrate (EC) Pack Size: 1 L Authorisation number: UK- 2020- 1248 Curative, algaecide effects on outdoor buildings and building materials, on all hard surfaces (porous and non-porous) in green spaces, on every roof type (except thatched roof). MSDS Label [...]


Periflo Formulation: white kaolin suspension Pack Size: 15 L A white kaolin suspension to protect woody plants against sunscald and light stress. A liquid, natural, calcinated, stabilized white clay suspension MSDS Label

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