Topenco Active Ingredient(s): 100 g/L (10.2% w/w) penconazole Formulation: Emulsifiable concentrate (EC) Pack Size: 250mL – 10L MAPP No.: 17539 For the control of powdery mildew in apples, crab apples, pears, blackcurrants, redcurrants, grapes, outdoor and protected strawberries. An emulsifiable concentrate (EC) containing 100 g/L (10.2% w/w) penconazole. MSDS Label [...]

Conclude AZT 250SC

Conclude AZT 250SC Active Ingredient(s): 250 g/L (23.1% w/w) azoxystrobin Formulation: Suspension concentrate Pack Size: 1 - 20 L MAPP No.: 18440 A broad spectrum fungicide for use on wheat, barley, oats, rye, triticale, combining peas, fresh peas (vining pea, garden pea, mange tout, sugar snaps), fresh beans (broad beans, green beans), field beans, [...]

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